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Solar Energy Systems

Here at RV Solar Supply we offer quality Solar Energy Systems at a discounted price. We stand behind our solar products and provide quality, reliable service.

RV Solar Panel kits

No more need for noisy and expensive generators! Replace your generator with a clean, quiet and reliable solar energy system. Using solar power for your RV maximizes the lifetime of your battery and saves you money while reducing your carbon footprint. For more information about our RV Solar Panel Kits visit our products page.

Boat and Marine Solar Panel kits

Our marine solar panel kits are design to fit any battery. You can charge the battery on your boat with our marine solar panel kit. Whether you are relaxing on a sailboat or a yacht, we have a solar panel kit for your boat.

Save money and buy a Solar Panel Kit

We understand that solar panels themselves are not the only component needed to run a solar power system. Our solar panel kits include everything you will need for portable or stationary solar power. RV Solar Supply is committed to the customer, we offer quality solar products at discount prices and we are available to offer assistance when you need it. Just give us a call or send us an email we will get back with you.