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40 Amp Charge Controller with LCD Display
40 Amp Charge Controller with LCD Display

Our Price: $246.00

Product Code: CC40ADK

Description Technical Specs
The PVCM40D micro-processor based photo-voltaic (PV) charge controller
connects PV panels to 12V or 24V DC storage batteries.  The PVCM40D
determines which mode to operate in, 12V or 24V, by measuring the battery
voltage that powers it.

The PVDM6 display module serves as a remote digital readout for the
PVCM40D and PVDM6 for the PVCM40D charge controllers.  The PVCM
charge controllers contain an internal solar current shunt, RJ-45 network jack
and associated internal wiring to provide power and signals to the PVDM6
through a T568A or T568B standard computer network patch cable which plugs
into the RJ-45 jack on the back of the PVDM6.  If the wrong configuration
network cable, such as the crossover type, is used then the “error” LED on the
back of  the PVDM6 will light indicating that the proper cable needs to  be
plugged in for the display to work properly.  
The PVDM6’s normal display indication is battery voltage and its associated
LED.  The select button allows the user to turn on the displays backlight,
advance to the next display setting, reset the solar and battery amp hour
accumulators, lock display or current setting, or activate scroll mode (see User
Instructions).  The PVDM6 will automatically switch back to the battery voltage
display setting after 4 minutes unless the display setting lock is activated.  The
backlight will come on for 15 seconds any time the select button is pushed and
will stay on continuously in scroll mode.
If a low battery voltage condition occurs, the display will automatically switch
back to the battery voltage setting (if not already there) and blink the display
reading and Battery voltage LED.  If the user accesses other display settings
while in this condition, they will be displayed for 5 seconds then switch back to
battery voltage setting until the low battery voltage problem is corrected.  Any
accumulated values may be meaningless if the battery voltage remains below
11V as this is the minimum voltage for the PVDM6 to operate properly.  The
PVDM6  display will continue to accumulate amp-hours, they just won’t  be
displayed without reverting back to the flashing battery voltage after 5 seconds.
The battery voltage signal tells the PVDM6 module what battery system voltage
it is: 12V, 24V or 48V.
  • Features
    PVDM6 v Light-switch sized module that can be surface mounted via cutout,
    or electrical box mounted
    v Displays 6 battery functions: Battery voltage, Solar charge current,
    Accumulated solar amp-hours, Percent battery charge remaining,
    Battery load current, Accumulated battery amp-hours
    v Back-lit LCD for reading in dim locations
    PVCM40D v In-line charge controller with temperature compensation, may
    mount in electrical junction box
    v LED indication of solar charge and battery level status
    v Internal current shunt will handle up to 40 Amps @ 28V DC from
    PV panels
    v Selectable operation: sealed/flooded batteries
    v Pulse action reduces battery sulfation
    Both Units v Fully automatic operation on 12V or 24V DC systems
    v Micro-controller for digital accuracy and reliability
    v Connect via RJ-45 jacks and Cat-5 network patch cable